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Finance Job Trends For 2010

Finance Job Trends For 2010

For the many professionals in the finance field, 2009 was a chaotic period where pay cuts, increased work, and unemployment was the norm. However, with the new year, accounting, banking, and finance jobs are going to increase and improve across the board. Many experts believe that this is the year where our economy will bounce back, creating or re-creating positions to fill the need. The following trends are a brief outlook for what to expect for the remaining of the year.

Tax accountants, business analysts, International Financial Reporting Standards specialists, tax analysts, corporate governance, and compliance specialists are among the few career areas that will be in demand and experience growth. Many of the companies in need will continue to be strategic in their hiring, looking to get the most bang for their buck. In other words, they’re looking for employees to have skills that cover a wide range of tasks.

Financial professionals who are adept at assisting companies with regulations, such as Securities and Exchange Commission’s, will increase in need in the oversight of managed investment funds. Fund accountants, compliance experts, and operations professionals are also predicted to have an increased demand of jobs. And as our nation’s credit crisis continues to increase, so does the need to have professionals in the credit management and financial analyst field.

Another area of growth to be found in the finance profession is the troubled asset sector. With our government’s development of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), a high demand for professionals in accounting, finance, legal services, and real estate who can turn a profit out of buying and selling troubled assets is promising.

These trends are in contingency to our economies improvement. We wish to bestow a word of caution about these fore-told trends: If the economy tanks again this year, these predictions could be altered.…

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Buying Property – How to Get Started, Step 1 (Finance)

Buying Property – How to Get Started, Step 1 (Finance)

After more than 27 years as a property purchaser, I am often asked by both novice owner/occupiers and investors alike the same age old question, “How do I get started?”

The answer to which is not an easy one, but it is relatively simple.

Any outlay of funds (your hard earned money) should not be approached lightly.

So you should start with your Finances.

Question; Can I afford to make a property purchase?

Answer; Lets look at your “Financial Snapshot” to see what that tells us about your capacity to borrow the money and most of all the ability to service or repay that debt.

That is the starting point, a Feasibility Check, working together, we must consider your income, assets and liabilities (what you earn, what you own and what you owe)

Once we have those figures in front of us we can establish a sound basis on which to make a decision on whether you can proceed to a property purchase or not.

It is critical to the process that you do this exercise first and not to go blindly into a large commitment without what we loosely call a “Reality Check”

With a clear understanding of all the figures you can then determine your budget for the property purchase, this will save a huge amount of time and heartache in the near future as you will not be looking at properties that are beyond your actual budget.

Then comes the matter of Financing,

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of Brokers, Banks and Lenders in the market at the present.

Lenders usually require a track record of Savings for a minimum of (6) six months.

There are loan terms such as Principal and Interest, Interest Only, Variable Loans, Fixed Loans, Warrants, Deposit Bonds and Options just to name a few.

This Finance process can take up to (6) weeks to put into place.

Once the terms of the finance have been agreed on, then it is time to consider the Physical aspects of the property.

There are another 4 steps/stages of a property purchase and not enough space or time here to cover all of those areas of concern, I will publish related articles over the coming months.

Thank you for your time and I trust this article has given you some food for thought.…

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Personal Finance Tip – Self Control and Restraint – You Can Do It!

Personal Finance Tip – Self Control and Restraint – You Can Do It!

We all seek peace of mind, and we all desire security and happiness for ourselves and our families. If we look for the silver linings in this past year’s economic downturn, perhaps the trials some have faced have taught us that peace of mind, security, and happiness do not come from buying a home or accumulating possessions for which the debt incurred is larger than our savings or income can afford. Are you currently in this situation? Wondering what you can do? Or, are you wondering how you can avoid such a predicament? Let me give you a tip that can help you and your family avoid the financial pitfalls that so many people are experiencing.

We live in an impatient and intemperate world full of uncertainty and contention. The one thing that we can all count on is that life is uncertain. What will tomorrow bring? For most of us, the uncertainty of the future brings real fears or doubts about their financial survival. It would be nice if there was a way to remove all uncertainty about the future, but this is not possible. So, what can one do?

Security for ourselves and our families comes from learning self-control. We all can see the affects of what competing with the Jones’ has done to our nation. Everyone buying bigger homes, more expensive cars, and trying to outdo each other with this or that. All of these things have brought on tremendous amounts of debt. As we have all heard before, the problem with competing with the Jones’ is that the Jones’ are quickly going bankrupt.

In order to save ourselves and our families from following that road of becoming slaves to debt is to learn self-control. We live in a time where so many people have fallen victim to the “entitlement mentality.” Why so many of us feel that we are entitled to have so many things before we can afford them, is beyond me. But, it is reality. And it is an obstacle that we all have to overcome individually. What are the first steps?

Avoid the excesses of this world, and be temperate in all things. Live within your means and be temperate. Temperate means exercising restraint. Restrain yourself from spending money on unnecessary items. You may think that you need something “right now!” But, the truth is, it can wait! Don’t charge everything on a credit card just because you have the room on your card for it now. Instead, exercise restraint and start putting a little money away with every paycheck to purchase those things that you want cash.

So, the tip for success when dealing with your personal finances is to learn self-control and be temperate with your finances. If you can master these things now, you can and will reap the benefits down the road.…

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A Look at Finance Directors

A Look at Finance Directors

In this article in our series of finance job profiles we will be looking at the role of a Finance Director. Finance Directors are seen as being the most influential when it comes to making finance decisions within a business or organisation. This role is a very important part of the finance function and you will be in charge of how the company performs by creating and managing budgets.

Due to the importance of the role you will be expected to liaise with all departments within the business helping them manage the budgets you have set them and working closely with the CEO to improve profitability.

Like most job positions, the type and size of a business will determine your exact duties. For larger companies, a Finance Director will be involved in more strategic decisions and analysis and if the company is of considerable size they may employ Finance Directors for just one department or decision. For smaller businesses, there will probably be less people in the department, so your role will be more hands on with the running of accounts.

General activities that the job will be involved in include, creating budgets and making sure they are adhered to, managing people within their team, creating accounts, future planning, analysing competitors, monitoring performance and cash flow and general financial advice within departments.

Top level jobs like this role will involve plenty of meetings, working between offices and putting in extra hours where needed. The skills a recruiter would be looking for in a candidate for a Finance Director include, strong experience in that sector, good business and finance knowledge, good people skills, high maths skills, an analytical nature, good at problem solving, good decision making and good management skills.

Individuals wanting to make it to Finance Director will have to work their way up as it is such a senior role and will require plenty of experience in the finance and accountancy sector.

Moving on from Finance Director roles can lead to more general management roles either within the finance world or in other sectors. Many move on to start up their own business and some even become Chief Executives of the companies they work for.

To find out more information about the role of a Finance Director and current opportunities, you should talk to a finance recruitment expert.…

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Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, most people have neither the chance nor reason to travel frequently. They may travel during the holidays, on vacation, or because of a family emergency, but that is about it. On the other hand, there is a growing population that is forced to travel much more often, sometimes across the globe. Because they are constantly on the go, they have found annual multi trip travel insurance very helpful.

If someone travels contently, they have different needs than most travelers and annual multi trip insurance is exactly what they need. This style of insurance lets a single travel policy cover someone for an entire year.

Travelers looking to cover all of their concerns with one policy, should look into yearly travel insurance. Some of the concerns that could be covered include: rental car damage, trip cancellation, lost baggage, trip interruption, emergency medical treatment, emergency evacuations, and much more.

Insurance may also include coverage for medical events like surgery, diagnostics, and even prescription costs. Some plans will even cover pre-existing medical conditions. Comprehensive coverage will even pay for a family or friend to visit you if any of the following occurred: emergency hospitalization, accidental dismemberment or death, and even repatriation of remains.

There are multi levels of flight insurance that can be chosen from when comparing multi trip insurance. It will often cover trips in 70,90, or 180 day increments. If a trip must be canceled it is often possible to receive a full refund of your expenses.

Frequent travelers carry multi trip travel insurance for a variety of reasons. Some are concerned with protecting their finances, health, and safety. Others just want to know that they are always insured without generating a new policy every trip. People who travel often know how time consuming it can be to sign up for a new policy before every trip.

The internet has become one of the simplest places to purchase insurance. Comparison websites make it easy to get detailed information about your favorite policies. These websites make comparing multiple policies and quotes easier than every before.…

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Exceptional Financial Planning Enhances The Abundance in Your Life

Exceptional Financial Planning Enhances The Abundance in Your Life

Financial planning encompasses much more than making out a household budget or placing a portion of your salary in a 401(k) account. In order to be prosperous and have the abundance you desire in life, it is essential that you understand how good financial planning can affect your life, not only for the years ahead but in the present as well.

Many people have a clouded understanding of financial planning; in short, it is a process of understanding what your goals are for your money, knowing when you will need to use it, and exactly what it will be used for. Determining a plan of action that includes very specific steps is necessary to reach those goals in your life.

Is it always necessary to hire a professional to help with financial planning? While it certainly isn’t mandatory, an advisor can often discern things about you and your life that you may not be able to see. All too often, individuals assume that planning their finances in the here and now is meant to enhance their life and abundance in future years. While this is true, the abundance in life as you know it now can also be improved.

In order to enhance your life and the lives of your family members, financial planning may include:

Determining what type of mortgage is best for you

Learning how much insurance you really need – and what types of coverage

Knowing how much you should be saving

What you may need to be doing differently

Learning whether it is in your best interest to pay off your mortgage

Which retirement accounts are right for your individual situation (ROTH, 401(k), IRA, etc.)

Should you decide to consult with a financial planner, he/she will gather information about you that includes both personal and financial details, so that a plan can be created that allows you to see how you can accomplish your financial goals, and when those goals may become reality.

In planning your finances so that you can enjoy life and experience more abundance in the lives of you and your family members, it is essential that you understand that being prosperous involves not only how you handle your money, but learning how thinking, being and doing have a direct impact on your prosperity.

Here are 5 basic steps that if applied will affect and accelerate your abundance:

1. Explore

2. Envision

3. Embark

4. Execute

5. Expand

Financial planning helps to put your life in order, so that there are no surprises or financial disasters that may devastate you in the future. If you have small children, you want to start building their college education fund now. You need to know where to invest your money where it will be secure, and how to avoid huge losses.

In order to take your life in the right direction and achieve prosperity, it is necessary to identify your aspirations in life, identify your financial concerns based on factors such as whether you are married or single, whether you have children, and how much money it would take to live the lifestyle you desire in your retirement years. Goal setting and taking action to achieve those goals is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your financial situation now and in future years.

Be aware that financial planning involves taking a clear look at your entire financial situation and devising a plan that takes you forward in the direction you want to go. All debts, including mortgage, should be carefully analyzed; anything and everything that have to do with your money should be reviewed so that changes can be made that will lend to a better, more abundant life. This may include retirement plans, spending habits, insurance coverage, the stability of the career you have chosen, company benefits, even your family situation.

You may decide that you need a financial planner to help you get your financial life in order so that you can achieve prosperity in your Universe. If changing the course of your life is something that sounds a bit intimidating or too difficult to tackle on your own, consider the help of a professional. An individual who specializes in financial planning can often get a clear perspective on your life and where you want to take it, helping you set the goals that are necessary in your individual situation and ultimately reach those goals.…

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How Do We Recover From Economic Financial Recession And Depression Following This Horrendous Storm?

How Do We Recover From Economic Financial Recession And Depression Following This Horrendous Storm?

My name is Sandy and this is being written as that horrendous storm ‘Sandy’ moves away allowing the massive task of recovery and reconstruction to begin.

We are going to need leaders with leadership qualities of which we have never seen the likes for decades.

We in the United Kingdom and quite possibly in the United States of America are going through a period of recession and even depression. What will happen now?

We are reaping the harvest of corruption and greed and appalling mismanagement. However did these men get into the roles of so-called responsibility in order to make such a hash and mess of things?

Where are the trustworthy hardworking bankers who served the communities and not their own selfish profits?

We have witnessed an economic crash in America, and for years we have seen the coming crisis in housing and construction and financial corporations. It was so obvious at times that one had to be spiritually and morally blind to miss it all, but people have been spiritually and morally blind, and as the recession and depression bites, thousands are suffering.

Six years ago, I recall speaking on the coming crash in the housing industry, with all the consequential economic problems, and one man laughed and ridiculed me with a sneering smirk. I wonder if he is still sneering and smirking.

How are we going to survive during this time of severe hardship and financial and economic suffering, and many will suffer and some will feel they are secure and safe. They might be financially, but what about morally and spiritually.

Some just do not believe that one day they will have to appear and stand before the Throne of Almighty God and answer for their behaviour and greed and the disastrous decision they had made, centering on their own interests rather than the interests of others in the community.

The whole Western World is suffering and this need not have happened, and we need this strong warning that it is going to get worse.

Jesus Christ taught that no man can serve Almighty God and Mammon. Mammon is the god of money. It is sheer idolatry.

It is always those who are poor and underprivileged who seem to suffer the worst, although some who were financially rich are paying a price now too.

We need men and women with compassion and understanding and spiritual and moral backbone to arise and stand.

Can we survive? Can we recover? Can we again thrive? Four or five years ago I thought I could answer “Yes” to those questions but this morning I am not so sure.

There is such a thing as ‘judgment’ and when we come under God’s just and righteous ‘judgment’ there is little man can do, except repent and humble himself and ask for help.

Many would rather die than humble themselves and repent!

This is an hour to minister to the poor.

Invest in the poor. Lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven where there are no moths and no thieves and no rust.

Invest in the Bank of Heaven where there is no immorality and corruption. Now, that may not be easy and some reading this may even think it to be crazy. Jesus Christ never taught crazy! If you want to check out His true authentic practical words, read Matthew Chapter 6 from verse 19 to the end of the Chapter. Jesus is not wrong, but even though He were wrong I would rather be wrong His way than wrong in the ways of the bankers and so-called financiers.

Do not expect to do well if you only selfishly consider yourself and your own family.

Invest where people are hungry and have no fresh water and lack shelter. Yes, the east coast of America is facing massive problems but so are Haiti, and Darfur, and the people I have seen scavenging daily on the rubbish tips in Nairobi, Kenya.

Take $100 or $1,000 or more if you can afford it and invest it in ministries which are serving the poor.

Can I appeal to you not to wait until the crisis suddenly worsens in your street or your city? Then, it may just be too late.

This exploding crisis could be the Church of Jesus Christ’s finest hour, if only we would heed His call, and pay attention to His teaching.

Let the true Church of Jesus Christ shine.

We are in for a very serious time. Four years ago I wrote on this, but today the circumstances are increasingly serious.

We need leaders who will hear. We need people who will turn to God and ask for His help and direction and guidance. We need men who will …