10 Killer Questions to Ask a Finance Manager When Buying a Car With Bad Credit!

10 Killer Questions to Ask a Finance Manager When Buying a Car With Bad Credit!

Here’s 10 questions and statements that I’ve heard over the years from customers, that will leave the finance manager of a dealership, speechless. Buying a car with bad credit is tricky… remember to be polite and have a nice, serious smile on your face if you choose to use these on your own!

1) Does that car come with air bags? ‘Cause I’d beat my head into the steering wheel every morning if I knew I was paying that much interest for a car loan.

2) There must be some confusion here… the stupid customer just left. Now, what are the real numbers?

3) You’re playing a joke on me, right? Ok, I’ll laugh. What’s the real interest rate, anyway?

4) There must be a charge in here for air for the a/c, because this can’t be the real figures.

5) Are you Howie Mandel? No? Is this Candid Camera or Howe Do It? These numbers can’t be real.

6) How many points are you adding to the interest rate for your commission? Do I get a cut?

7) At that interest rate, I think I’m going to do like Michael Jackson and beat it, ’cause no one wants to be defeated.

8) Well, Mr. Finance Manager, I have to tell you, that salesman gave me an awful price on this car and I was hoping with you being the big man with the power, that you would be a nice enough person to give me a good price. Do you have the power to do that?

9) Is there anything on my credit report that indicated to you that I don’t know what paying too much is?

10) I know you guys used to roll back odometers. Can’t you roll back an interest rate?