4 Special Considerations When Choosing a Private Caregiver

Let’s face it: You’ve been spending a lot more time caring for your family lately than you used to. With more people working from home offices, children learning remotely, and seniors confined to their houses in many places, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That may lead you to seek help from an outside caregiver. While that is an excellent choice to help ease your burden, there are a  few things you should consider before making any hiring decision.

1. Their Driving Record

If your proposed caregiver does any driving for you, you will want to do a pre-employment driving record screening. This will reduce the chances of you finding out the wrong way (like after an accident) and also limit your liability for any accidents involving your vehicles.

2. Hours of Availability

Always take time to check the availability of a potential caregiver against what you realistically need. Even if someone is a great fit in every other area, if they won’t be able to accommodate your schedule, then you should keep looking.

3. Other Obligations

Everyone has obligations in life, and some people are better at managing and juggling them than others. You want to make sure that whoever is going to be helping care for your loved ones doesn’t have so many that it interferes with their work. Don’t be afraid to ask about upcoming class schedules or other obligations that may pose a problem, but also be willing to hear how each applicant is planning to meet the challenge.

4. Salary Expectations

Be upfront about how much you can spend on care to avoid confusion. It doesn’t hurt to highlight any extra perks you might be able to offer, such as free meals or the use of your vehicle.

With a little careful planning and consideration for the basics, you can find a caregiver that meets your needs and your budget. Ask questions and be honest about what you expect and, pretty soon, you’ll have that much less on your own plate.