Debit Cards and Personal Finance

Debit Cards and Personal Finance

A lot of people are switching to debit cards for their loans and other financial needs. Although in terms of fees, they are much more favorable than getting a credit card, you would have to take note of risks involved in getting a debit card too.

First in the list is security. With a credit card, there is more protection. You would not be responsible for charges that are unauthorized and above $50. However, with a debit card, there are a lot more things for you to do in case it gets stolen. First, you have to report the theft or loss within two days. If you miss that deadline, you can still report it but be on the hook for around $500. After two months, however, you would have unlimited liability for that debit card. There are different policies for each company, so it is best if you consult and understand the proceedings well.

Your credit score would not increase with a debit card. No matter how many times you use it, you would not be able to improve your score. However, the records that are in your card would reflect that you are able to pay your bills on time. Also, they do not have provision for dispute once you have paid for charges made to it.

It is recommended that you do not use your card for large purchases. It is because you would get more protection with a credit card than with a debit card. Also, when making online purchases, it is best to go with a credit card, since they provide you with safer transactions. Moreover, do not link your card to a checking account. There are a lot of risks you can be prone to if you use your card for large purchases and if you open it up to different sources.

A debit card has a lot of advantages as well. It is much favorable than carrying cold cash around with your. Also, it is much easier to get than a credit card, since you would not need to have a good credit score to qualify for one.