Finance Job Trends For 2010

Finance Job Trends For 2010

For the many professionals in the finance field, 2009 was a chaotic period where pay cuts, increased work, and unemployment was the norm. However, with the new year, accounting, banking, and finance jobs are going to increase and improve across the board. Many experts believe that this is the year where our economy will bounce back, creating or re-creating positions to fill the need. The following trends are a brief outlook for what to expect for the remaining of the year.

Tax accountants, business analysts, International Financial Reporting Standards specialists, tax analysts, corporate governance, and compliance specialists are among the few career areas that will be in demand and experience growth. Many of the companies in need will continue to be strategic in their hiring, looking to get the most bang for their buck. In other words, they’re looking for employees to have skills that cover a wide range of tasks.

Financial professionals who are adept at assisting companies with regulations, such as Securities and Exchange Commission’s, will increase in need in the oversight of managed investment funds. Fund accountants, compliance experts, and operations professionals are also predicted to have an increased demand of jobs. And as our nation’s credit crisis continues to increase, so does the need to have professionals in the credit management and financial analyst field.

Another area of growth to be found in the finance profession is the troubled asset sector. With our government’s development of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), a high demand for professionals in accounting, finance, legal services, and real estate who can turn a profit out of buying and selling troubled assets is promising.

These trends are in contingency to our economies improvement. We wish to bestow a word of caution about these fore-told trends: If the economy tanks again this year, these predictions could be altered.