Freedom From Debt

Freedom From Debt

” road to debt freedom begins with a single step.”

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This article was written to inspire you to take control of your financial life. You’re going to discover what you spend our money on, you’re going to organize your spending so you have control, and you’re going to eliminate unnecessary spending and focus on necessities and that which brings you joy in life. This is a life-changing thing you’re doing – you won’t be the same person you were in the beginning. You’re on a quest to find your financial self – powerful, self-reliant, and in control.

Financial management is something every person old enough to have money should practice. Do it consciously and you’ll be free of a major source of life’s stress (and stress will kill everything it touches – your relationships, your happiness, your health – even you).

The good news is it’s a very, very easy thing to do. The bad news is you have to change your habits (and most of us do not like to change our habits – they may be unhealthy, but they’re ours and they’re comfortable). Learning new habits takes each of us varying amounts of time (no rush – you have the rest of your life).

The key is to do something every day (doesn’t have to take long – maybe 5-15 minutes). What this does is get you thinking about taking control of your finances every day, which will lead to becoming financially conscious. You’ll feel good about yourself for finally taking control. Your mood will improve, and your stress level will diminish. This isn’t a quick fix – it’s a conscious choice for a lifestyle change. You’ll replace a bad habit with a good habit. You will have done it! What’s really cool is you can apply these same skills to any area of your life.

Do This First: Take the first step today. Start keeping track of every item you spend money on. For example, if you buy coffee on your way to work, list “6/5/10 – coffee – $3.” It’ll make you conscious of spending money – and it’ll change your life.