General Checks to Make on Your Car

General Checks to Make on Your Car

The winter weather tends to have an adverse effect on our cars which means there is a greater need for us to check that everything is OK regularly. There are some checks you should make to ensure your car will run as smoothly as possible, and they can all be done by yourself so there is no cost for checking them. Our cars can be a very expensive piece of equipment so reducing costs where possible is important.

Your tyres are one of the most important checks you make as they have a big effect on the running of your car. Deflated tyres mean your engine has to work harder therefore you use more fuel and with fuel prices on the rise, this is something you need to avoid. Check the tyre pressure once fortnightly and you can do this by using a good gauge or air-line. Check your car manufacturers’ handbook for the correct levels and always check for cuts on the tyre.

Don’t forget that the spare wheel will also need to be looked after, as you never know when you are going to need it. The recent weather conditions can play havoc on the tyres so regular checks should mean you avoid any problems. Engine oil is something that should be checked before any long journey and at least fortnightly too. The dipstick will show you the required oil level and if it is below this level then you will need to top up.

Wipers and screenwash are very important, especially during the winter. If wiper blades are not looked after, when you come to use them the accumulated dirt will be distributed over your windscreen making it hard to see. Screenwash is also important to check so that you can clean your windscreen thoroughly, try and use a recognised screenwash additive as water will not clean well enough and is likely to freeze in the winter.

Check your lights on a regular occurrence to ensure they are in full working order. This includes indicators, fog and brake lights. These are essential checks to make on your car to minimise the risk of running into troublesome situations whilst driving. The winter weather poses enough problems so anything that we can do to avoid problems should be done especially when they are easy to do and cost nothing. Drive carefully this winter and make sure that your car is running at its optimum capacity.