Personal Finance Tip – Self Control and Restraint – You Can Do It!

Personal Finance Tip – Self Control and Restraint – You Can Do It!

We all seek peace of mind, and we all desire security and happiness for ourselves and our families. If we look for the silver linings in this past year’s economic downturn, perhaps the trials some have faced have taught us that peace of mind, security, and happiness do not come from buying a home or accumulating possessions for which the debt incurred is larger than our savings or income can afford. Are you currently in this situation? Wondering what you can do? Or, are you wondering how you can avoid such a predicament? Let me give you a tip that can help you and your family avoid the financial pitfalls that so many people are experiencing.

We live in an impatient and intemperate world full of uncertainty and contention. The one thing that we can all count on is that life is uncertain. What will tomorrow bring? For most of us, the uncertainty of the future brings real fears or doubts about their financial survival. It would be nice if there was a way to remove all uncertainty about the future, but this is not possible. So, what can one do?

Security for ourselves and our families comes from learning self-control. We all can see the affects of what competing with the Jones’ has done to our nation. Everyone buying bigger homes, more expensive cars, and trying to outdo each other with this or that. All of these things have brought on tremendous amounts of debt. As we have all heard before, the problem with competing with the Jones’ is that the Jones’ are quickly going bankrupt.

In order to save ourselves and our families from following that road of becoming slaves to debt is to learn self-control. We live in a time where so many people have fallen victim to the “entitlement mentality.” Why so many of us feel that we are entitled to have so many things before we can afford them, is beyond me. But, it is reality. And it is an obstacle that we all have to overcome individually. What are the first steps?

Avoid the excesses of this world, and be temperate in all things. Live within your means and be temperate. Temperate means exercising restraint. Restrain yourself from spending money on unnecessary items. You may think that you need something “right now!” But, the truth is, it can wait! Don’t charge everything on a credit card just because you have the room on your card for it now. Instead, exercise restraint and start putting a little money away with every paycheck to purchase those things that you want cash.

So, the tip for success when dealing with your personal finances is to learn self-control and be temperate with your finances. If you can master these things now, you can and will reap the benefits down the road.