Use Internet Marketing As a Means to Finance a College Education

Use Internet Marketing As a Means to Finance a College Education

Internet Marketing offers a viable avenue to finance a college education. Start early enough and you might even have your child do all the work and finance college for himself or herself.

The internet has created opportunities for just about anyone to create an online business that can generate a stream of revenue. Many successful online entrepreneurs have several streams of online income.

It’s even possible that once you get a child working at such an endeavor he or she might start making enough money that the need for a college education might be questionable. This might be especially relevant if the only reason for going to college is financially driven.

There certainly are many reasons for pursuing an advanced education. But, if you are encouraging your child to go to college only because conventional wisdom says that it’s the best way to guarantee a good income, you might want to reconsider.

Some recent studies have cast a significant aura of doubt on such beliefs. Those studies are beyond the scope of this article, but you might want to do some online research to see what you find.

To be success online, it is best if your child knows how to read above a sixth grade level, write coherent sentences, and balance a checkbook without help. It won’t be necessary to know how to do calculus, write a thesis, or be able to do complex chemical analyses.

Don’t construe what you are reading to mean that an advanced education is useless. Far from it. It’s just not required to be able to make an above average income.

You might think of an online income as being a new avenue to a middle class life style like our grandfathers were able to earn with the help of the unions after World War II. Those jobs are almost gone, along with the unions and even some of the companies that provided those jobs.

The internet didn’t exist until about 20 years ago. It has grown to be a force to be capitalized


Those who are savvy enough to recognize that have opportunities way beyond anything our grandfathers ever dreamed possible.