3 Ways To Explore a Career Change

It starts with a nagging feeling as you go into work. Your current job no longer fulfills, energizes or excites you. Your gut instinct is it’s time to make a career change into a more meaningful occupation. You are starting to seriously think about leaving your current job for a new position you have in mind. Here are three ways to help you explore a potential career change.

Meet With a Recruiter

Set up a meeting with a recruiter at one of the staffing firms Boston in your area specializing in finding jobs for the industry you want to work in. He or she will look at your resume and give you a realistic analysis of whether your current skills, education and experience qualify you for the role or if you need additional training to compete. Don’t be surprised if the recruiter suggests another new job option for you that you haven’t thought about before.

Take a Class

A simple way to test out a potential new career is to take a class or two to try it out. Check your local colleges or look online to find training opportunities that interest you. How well you do in the class will give you a clue as to whether you would succeed in that industry.

Do a Job Shadow

Another method to explore a possible career change is to spend time with someone employed in your new field. Check with your network to find a friend or colleague who knows someone working in the type of job you are seeking and ask them to introduce you to him or her. Spend a few hours observing their work to get insight into the realities of the job.

Doing one or all of these activities will help you decide if a career change is a right choice for you.