How Do We Recover From Economic Financial Recession And Depression Following This Horrendous Storm?

How Do We Recover From Economic Financial Recession And Depression Following This Horrendous Storm?

My name is Sandy and this is being written as that horrendous storm ‘Sandy’ moves away allowing the massive task of recovery and reconstruction to begin.

We are going to need leaders with leadership qualities of which we have never seen the likes for decades.

We in the United Kingdom and quite possibly in the United States of America are going through a period of recession and even depression. What will happen now?

We are reaping the harvest of corruption and greed and appalling mismanagement. However did these men get into the roles of so-called responsibility in order to make such a hash and mess of things?

Where are the trustworthy hardworking bankers who served the communities and not their own selfish profits?

We have witnessed an economic crash in America, and for years we have seen the coming crisis in housing and construction and financial corporations. It was so obvious at times that one had to be spiritually and morally blind to miss it all, but people have been spiritually and morally blind, and as the recession and depression bites, thousands are suffering.

Six years ago, I recall speaking on the coming crash in the housing industry, with all the consequential economic problems, and one man laughed and ridiculed me with a sneering smirk. I wonder if he is still sneering and smirking.

How are we going to survive during this time of severe hardship and financial and economic suffering, and many will suffer and some will feel they are secure and safe. They might be financially, but what about morally and spiritually.

Some just do not believe that one day they will have to appear and stand before the Throne of Almighty God and answer for their behaviour and greed and the disastrous decision they had made, centering on their own interests rather than the interests of others in the community.

The whole Western World is suffering and this need not have happened, and we need this strong warning that it is going to get worse.

Jesus Christ taught that no man can serve Almighty God and Mammon. Mammon is the god of money. It is sheer idolatry.

It is always those who are poor and underprivileged who seem to suffer the worst, although some who were financially rich are paying a price now too.

We need men and women with compassion and understanding and spiritual and moral backbone to arise and stand.

Can we survive? Can we recover? Can we again thrive? Four or five years ago I thought I could answer “Yes” to those questions but this morning I am not so sure.

There is such a thing as ‘judgment’ and when we come under God’s just and righteous ‘judgment’ there is little man can do, except repent and humble himself and ask for help.

Many would rather die than humble themselves and repent!

This is an hour to minister to the poor.

Invest in the poor. Lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven where there are no moths and no thieves and no rust.

Invest in the Bank of Heaven where there is no immorality and corruption. Now, that may not be easy and some reading this may even think it to be crazy. Jesus Christ never taught crazy! If you want to check out His true authentic practical words, read Matthew Chapter 6 from verse 19 to the end of the Chapter. Jesus is not wrong, but even though He were wrong I would rather be wrong His way than wrong in the ways of the bankers and so-called financiers.

Do not expect to do well if you only selfishly consider yourself and your own family.

Invest where people are hungry and have no fresh water and lack shelter. Yes, the east coast of America is facing massive problems but so are Haiti, and Darfur, and the people I have seen scavenging daily on the rubbish tips in Nairobi, Kenya.

Take $100 or $1,000 or more if you can afford it and invest it in ministries which are serving the poor.

Can I appeal to you not to wait until the crisis suddenly worsens in your street or your city? Then, it may just be too late.

This exploding crisis could be the Church of Jesus Christ’s finest hour, if only we would heed His call, and pay attention to His teaching.

Let the true Church of Jesus Christ shine.

We are in for a very serious time. Four years ago I wrote on this, but today the circumstances are increasingly serious.

We need leaders who will hear. We need people who will turn to God and ask for His help and direction and guidance. We need men who will unashamedly speak out and say that enough is enough.

This mess is not simply financial and economic. It is spiritual and moral, and that is where the real rescue and recovery can start.