Leaders Must Realise How This World Is Crooked and Has Little Time for a Straight Man of Integrity

Leaders Must Realise How This World Is Crooked and Has Little Time for a Straight Man of Integrity

We are living in what appears to be an increasingly troubled world. In the U.K. we face a very hard year on the economic and financial front as a consequence of appalling Government decisions over the past twelve years and mismanagement and greed and selfishness in the banking and business world.

Those who were in charge might be clever but they have certainly not been very wise.

However, this is not the first time all this has happened but there will nevertheless be serious issues faced over these next weeks and months.

In my recent readings and studies in the book of the prophet Isaiah, there are lessons regarding leadership and integrity and fairness which cannot be improved upon.

In Isaiah Chapter 51 and at verse 4 following, God says yet again to His people, “Listen to Me. I am going to bring justice. I am going to put right all that is wrong. I am going to restore what has been destroyed.”

People are looking for this everywhere.

We hear of demands for justice, but seldom do we hear people demanding righteousness.

We hear about rights but seldom do we hear about responsibilities. God is going to bring about Justice and Righteousness.

In verse 6, we read of a surprising scenario, or at least it will be surprising to some.

Lift up your eyes. Everything you can see, God is going to destroy. All this is going to decay and pass away. We hear so much today about being ‘green’, as conservation has become high on man’s list of priorities. Many things have to be looked at now in the light of preservation and conservation. It may be too late for that.

What the Word of God tells us is that the earth will wear out like a garment.

As an old coat wears out, so this world will wear out. We also read of this in Psalm 102 and Hebrews Chapter 1 verses 10 and 11. They will perish, but you will remain. They will wear out like a garment.

There are some people more committed to preserving some special bird or specific animal, than some believers in Jesus are committed to Christ. That should not be.

What is going to last? My salvation will last for ever. My righteousness will never fail.

Once again there is a call to people to listen and to hear. If you know what is right and seek to do it, and if you have My law in your hearts and seek to live that way, then you will face the reproach of men, and you will be insulted.

We need to remember that this world is crooked, and the world does not like a straight man. A straight man is like the edge of a ruler, showing up what is crooked and irregular and twisted.

We have seen how crooked and twisted man is over the past weeks and months and years.

There is a degree of injustice and inhumanity which lies at the heart of the problems, which only God and His mercy and Grace and Power and Love can resolve.

The world is sinful and does not feel comfortable in the company of a saint.

Sandy Shaw