Leaders of Integrity Are So Needed in Government, Business, Finance, and in Every Walk of Life!

Leaders of Integrity Are So Needed in Government, Business, Finance, and in Every Walk of Life!

Leaders need to know where there is safety and security in times of upheaval and danger. The western world is currently facing economic hardship which was totally unexpected but it is the result of bad management and appalling leadership in the financial and business world and even in Government departments.

We need somewhere secure to throw our anchor when sorrow and suffering and ridicule and undeserved criticism and persecution come our way! What are we to do?

When Job was faced with such trouble he turned to God and did not sin. His wife reacted very differently. She wanted him to curse God. Sometimes people near us can react very differently at times and that is something else we have to face.

Are we not aware of people in positions of leadership who curse God and take the Name of the Lord God in vain and swear and use language that poisons the air and the atmosphere?

The world has some peculiar ways of dealing real sorrow and painful suffering. The world has no answer. The Stoics, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Islam each attempts to deal with such problems, but none of them has a satisfactory solution. Today, alcohol and drugs might be used to try to dampen sore hearts or bored lives, but these only make the predicament worse, and leaders need to spell this out clearly.

When that snake fastened onto Paul on the island of Malta, and we read of this in Acts Chapter 28, the people first thought he was a murderer, and then when he shook it off, they changed their mind and they thought he was a god. They were so wrong.

The world can be so wrong at moments when it is important to be right.

People can be so fickle and superficial and flimsy without Jesus Christ.

Jesus accepted the fact and reality of human suffering, and Jesus does not try to explain it.

Jesus came not to explain things and give reasons for everything, but to give good news.

Man can be rescued, saved, forgiven, healed, restored, renewed, and become a new creation.

Jesus did correct the idea that no sinners are worse than any other sinners. We hear Jesus teach that in Luke Chapter 13, and when that bent over woman came before Him, Jesus placed His hands on her and straightened her out.

Turn to II Corinthians Chapter 1 verse 9, because when I was in Cape Breton wondering, what am I doing over here, this word came to me in my daily Bible readings – “we might not rely on ourselves but on God”.

Everywhere I have gone since first going to Uganda, there has been a word either before going or on the day of arrival.

Now, that is different kind of reassuring anchor.

While in II Corinthians, look at Chapter 4 verse 16, where we read that we are being renewed day by day.

Do you see how feeding upon the word deals with our various hungers as well as storms.

That is why I want to do all I can to encourage you to be in the Word of God every day, and allow it to speak to you and feed you and encourage you. As we read it and study it, we will discover amazing blessing.