How to Prepare for Life As You Age

As humans age, they lose muscle mass, memory, and basic motor control. Doctors can prescribe medication to help mitigate the effects of old age, but some parts of old age are inevitable. However, there are some simple ways you can prepare for your future. By preparing now, you will feel more comfortable and confident as an elderly adult.

Loss of Muscle Mass

The less muscles are used, the more is lost. This is true of people at any age. However, as you age, your joints become stiff and it can become more difficult to move. As you move less, your muscles decrease, and you become weaker. This weakness can cause simple acts to become very difficult. Something you can do to prepare is to install ADA showers in your home. An ADA shower can provide space so, even if you have to use a wheelchair, you will still be able to shower and bathe yourself.

Loss of Memory

When people age, they can become forgetful. Dementia and alzheimers are common among the elderly population. Some ways you can help prepare for a loss of memory or increased forgetfulness is to continue to exercise your mind. Doing things like word puzzles or looking at picture albums can help your mind stay active. You can also think about creating a set schedule for yourself. Schedules are another method that can help people with memory loss to understand what is going on every hour of every day.

Loss of Basic Motor Control

Elderly people, as their muscles continue to weaken, can have problems with things like incontinence or standing up for extended periods of time. To help prepare for this, you can try to exercise more now. You can also consider purchasing a lifting chair to help you stand if your legs become weak.

While people often think about their financial future, their future physical and mental health can be put on the backburner. Be sure to think about all aspects of your life when planning for your future.